Each level of Music Theory is a 6-session class for all students who want to strengthen music theory skills and gain a better understanding of the language of music. The purpose of this class is to help students learn how to read music and become independent musicians. Students improve music reading and writing skills as well as strengthen sight-singing and ear training skills. Interactive games and activities in class help reinforce the concepts being taught in a fun, entertaining way! All voice students are highly encouraged to take Music Theory to augment their vocal and musical development. Students can place into Level II or III of the course if they have already mastered the material in previous levels and can pass a placement test. The course workbook contains all 3 levels of the course and costs $12.50. Several different class sessions are available this fall. Levels and class times will vary according to student availability.


This class gives students an opportunity to practice performing, singing, and auditioning in front of other people. Learn how to overcome nerves and performance anxiety by performing on a regular basis. Each student will perform every week with songs that have been prepared in the private voice lesson. Students will benefit from constructive feedback from both the teacher and other class members. This class also focuses on helping each student become an engaging and captivating performer. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to overcome performance anxiety, practice for an upcoming audition, or simply practice performing in front of a group. An accompanist is provided.


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