Cheryse McLeod Lewis teaches voice lessons in her private studio and proudly serves students from Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell, Issaquah and many other greater Seattle communities. Students learn in a fun, relaxed environment that fosters positive vocal growth and development. Lessons are tailored to each individual student and are geared to help each student reach their personal musical goals. Emphasis is placed on a classical vocal technique that will enable each student to sing any style of music with more efficiency and ease. Additional emphasis is also placed on performance skills and musicianship. The goal of private voice lessons is to develop well-rounded singers who have a strong vocal technique, a compelling and engaging stage presence, and sharp musical knowledge and musicianship skills.

The Benefits of Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons will help you:

Develop a healthy vocal technique.
Enjoy the process of learning how to sing.
Acquire better posture and body alignment for singing.
Gain increased confidence performing in front of an audience.
Experience creative and artistic growth and development.
Improve audition and performance skills.
Sharpen music theory knowledge, musicianship skills, and sight-singing skills.
Become a more engaging and compelling singer and performer.

Audition Preparation

If you are interested in taking a limited number of voice lessons for the sole purpose of preparing for an upcoming vocal audition, Cheryse McLeod Lewis is available to help you with audition preparation. Whether you are auditioning for a theatrical production, a choir, a choral contest, a solo performance, college admission, etc., you may sign up for a smaller number of voice lessons in order to focus on preparing repertoire for your audition. Several weeks of concentrated study on vocal technique and dramatic work will enable you to feel more prepared to do well and accomplish the desired result from your audition.

Dramatic Coaching

If you are interested in taking a limited number of voice lessons in order to prepare for an upcoming musical role or solo performance, Cheryse McLeod Lewis is also available to work with you to prepare your role and/or music dramatically so that your performance will be engaging and beautiful. Several weeks of concentrated dramatic study will empower you to deliver a compelling and unforgettable performance.


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